Dane History

Great Danes are often referred to as “Gentle Giants” this term only begins to describe this amazing breed… 

The earliest record of Great Dane type dogs is found in 1121 B.C. by the Chinese.

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There are also traces of these majestic animals on Egyptian Monuments as early as 3000 B.C. Great Danes were bred to be a super dog. It’s said that they combined a Mastiff Irish Wolfhound and a Greyhound type dog to produce a super dog. One that is fast and agile yet powerful and strong. The physical traits of a Great Dane cannot be denied, but it’s the mental aspect of this breed that makes them even more unique.

Originally Great Danes were used to hunt.

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They were used to chase and bring down cattle, deer, wolves, elk and the most ferocious game at the time, the European wild boar. The boar at that time were much different than today’s wild boar they were much bigger, stronger, and flat out mean. To take down a beast like that the dog had to be powerful agile and most of all courageous and that is the true definition of the Great Dane. Throughout history Great Danes where also used as war dogs, tracking dogs, and also made a name for themselves as guard dogs.

For centuries Great Danes have sat at the feet of royalty and the upper elite.

Great Dane History Page - RoyaltyGreat Danes today are a more gentle type. Through selective breeding Great Danes are now one of the most gentle, lovable, and family friendly dogs there is.. however, they still hold many of the same traits that made them great, powerful, agile, courageous, and loyal!

I love the old style Great Dane, one that is powerful and has a Mastiff like build, which is the look that we strive to breed for.

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